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The 5 Most Photogenic Places in NYC

Have you explored the most instagrammable places in NYC? Maybe some, but I bet you haven't seen these! As many tourists visit and travel though the city, they find the main attractions to be Times Square, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, and The Empire State Building. Millions of people walk around New York City each day, but it's easy to hit the same touristy spots. What people don’t know is that the most photogenic spots in New York City can be in the most unthinkable spots.

Here are the 5 Most Photogenic Places in NYC:

  1. Pietro Nolita

Pietro Nolita is a healthy Italian restaurant that is described as a “unique pink jewel box in the heart of Nolita.” Unfortunately, this restaurant does not take reservations but once you get into this fabulous restaurant you will realize it was worth the wait! They have an iconic pink bench outside of the restaurant that is perfect for a photo-op.


174 Elizabeth Street

2. Washington Street in Dumbo

According to New York Influencers, Dumbo street is becoming one of Brooklyn’s hottest neighborhoods. Washington Street in Dumbo is a perfect place to capture that true “city girl” shot. In this shot, you see two buildings perfectly framing the Manhattan Bridge which makes for a timeless photo. Along with a great photo-op, this spot has great rooftop bars and restaurants which makes Dumbo a chic spot. Need tips on how to get the perfect shot? Check out our last blog post for all the secrets!


Washington Street and Water Street, Brooklyn

3. The Oculus at the World Trade Center

Would you believe it if I told you this is a subway station? Well, it is! This spot is so symmetrically stunning, that it is nearly impossible not to take a great Insta-worthy picture. Along with a fantastic photo opportunity, there are amazing stores on both sides of the building. With a fantastic array of dining options, you'll have endless photo ops while exploring the beautiful architecture.


185 Greenwich Street (NOT AVENUE!)

4. Serra by Birreria

This location is a rooftop Eataly with features of an ever-changing theme based on the seasons. Not only does this spot have great food, but a great opportunity for instagrammable pictures. Visit this location during your favorite season or whichever season fits your page's aesthetic!


200 Fifth Avenue

5. Roman and Williams Guild

In the neighborhood of Soho, the New York-based interior design firm Roman and Williams decided to open and create a restaurant built into a home goods store. Inside, you can indulge in a delicious French meal at Le Mercerie (the cafe) or expand your fancy home decor at the Guild. This building has endless photo opportunities inside and outside the building for perfect photos!


53 Howard Street

This list could go on forever but the best advice for finding stunning locations is simply by walking around! Pick an area and let your natural curiosity take you to hidden gems that might be just around the bend!

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