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How to Get The Iconic Manhattan Bridge Shot.

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Capturing a shot of the famous Manhattan Bridge is pretty much the holy grail of photography! Although the more popular Brooklyn Bridge is right next door, the Manhattan Bridge is just as important. There are many angles you can get of the bridge, but the best picture can be taken at the intersection of Water Street and Washington Street in Dumbo. For the perfect shot, line up your camera so that the Empire State Building can shine between the legs of the bridge in the distance. Since so many photos have been taken here, you will be able to compare and contrast old photos with the new ones you take-it’s really cool to see how much it has changed over time!

Credit: Nathan Huon

Need to know how to get to this iconic scene? Take the subway-the F train to York Street, the A or C trains to High Street, or the 2 and 3 trains to Clark Street. You can also take the ferry, bike, or drive there!

Most New Yorkers know that it can feel impossible to get the Bridge all to yourself for a perfect photo. But there are a few tricks you can try to get that perfect shot without having to edit everyone out.

  1. Wake up super early and get there just as the sun starts to rise. Most of the crowds form later on and consist of tourists who aren’t as likely to show up at the crack of dawn.

  2. Go earlier in the day on weekdays, specifically Monday through Wednesday. You might still encounter people, but it's significantly less than on weekends and afternoons.

  3. Keep an eye on your weather app and head over on a rainy day. I’d say this is for those who are super eager to get the shot because you’ll have to sit around and wait for the rain to stop to get the shot. NYC has some pretty random weather, so it could be pouring for 20 minutes and then stop for 10 minutes with the sun shining through and then more rain. So take advantage of the unpredictability if you have the patience.

  4. Go on the coldest day like ever. Nobody walks around outside for fun when it’s brick out. And if anyone is as crazy as you and there happen to be some people there, I’m sure you can just give it a couple minutes and they’ll get out of your hair.

  5. If all else fails, just take the miserable time of editing everyone out.

Good Luck and tag us in your pictures if you succeed! @mavenmedianyc

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