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I first picked up a camera when I was 8 years old. That was such a core experience for me that I remember the events vividly. Ever since then, I've been driven by the creative process. Obsessed with learning more about the art of photography, filmmaking, and storytelling. And, in the process, learning more about myself.

Content Producer


David Targon

Mustard Flowers

Today, I focus primarily on brand development. In the age of social media, personifying your business and telling a story with compelling content is one of the main keys to developing a strong brand. The planning and execution of this is what excites me, and keeps the fire going.

Outside of work, I enjoy socializing with people, attending music and art events, going on nature walks and scenic drives, and spending time with my family. My core values are altruism, excellence, high work ethic, kindness, and coachability.


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