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Hi I'm Ainsley and I am currently majoring in Communications with a Specialization in Public Relations and a minor in Digital Communications, Information, and Media at Rutgers University. As I continue my studies, I find myself very passionate about current trends, social media, and advertisement. As a social media marketing intern at Maven Media, I am able to gain experience with different clients, the media, and content creation.

Social Media Marketing Intern


Ainsley McCool

Mustard Flowers

I have also been given the opportunity to work with different clients involving the use of different social media platforms and accounts through ScarletPR and PRSSA. Being apart of these clubs has allowed me to exceed my position as a club member and fulfill the position of Account Manager (ScarletPR) and Vice President of Marketing (PRSSA). I am passionate about my aspiration for new challenges and creative opportunities through the media and real world. Maven Media allows me to embrace and dispense my effective communication skills, creative thinking, and social media experience.

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